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Date Mate - Coffee Substititues and Alternatives

What is Date Mate?

What Is Date Mate? – The Original Date Seed Beverage


Date Mate – “Pure” is a unique beverage produced from roasted ground Date Seeds (also referred to as pits or stones). The result is a rich brown powder, which resembles premium coffee and is enjoyed in much the same way as a fine cup of Espresso. It has a flavor all its own, and because it contains no caffeine, it can be enjoyed anytime. At Date Mate we aim to provide you with this unique beverage as it has been enjoyed for Millennia.


We understand that to get the best product possible one must work with the best raw materials. That is why we only use date seeds from the Holy Land. A recognized symbol of the Kingdom of Judea, dates grew beside the Dead Sea and Jericho in the south, as well as near the Sea of Galilee and Lake Hula in the north. The best dates were known to have come from this Biblical land.


The Holy Land was well known for its special and excellent date cultivars since ancient times, as mentioned by Pliny in the 1 st century AD in his famous book “Natural History”.Indeed we find the Land of Israel being blessed with Seven Fruits and Grains one of which is the Date.


The ancient Israelites utilized and continue to utilize every portion of the native Date Palm Tree- often referred to as “The Tree of Life”- which thrived in one of the toughest environments on Earth. Date Palm leaves are used for making dwellings and also furnishings such as mats, screens, baskets, and fans.  Processed leaves are used to produce insulating board, walking sticks, brooms, fishing floats and fuel. The leaf sheaths are prized for their scent, and the fiber from them is used to produce rope, coarse cloth, and large hats.


But the best gift that the Date Palm tree has to offer is not even in the nutritious delicious Date Fruit which has been enjoyed for millennia. It is something which is even hidden inside the fruit, it is the date seed!


The Ancients also realized that the seed within the Date could be utilized in several different ways due to its dense nutritional content. The seeds are soaked and ground up for animal feed. Their oil contains lauric acid which can be used in the production of soaps and cosmetics. The seeds were be strung in necklaces. But the best discovery was that the Date seeds could be roasted and ground into a rich brown powder to be enjoyed in much the same way as coffee beans (coffee beans are actually coffee seeds!)


The result is a unique nutritious and delicious beverage with a mild and comforting flavor, which can be enjoyed any time of the day or evening, as it does not contain caffeine! Perhaps Date Seed beverage was the drink that built the pyramids!


Date Mate only utilizes the superior Dates, which are grown in the Holy Land. The seeds are hand selected, dried and custom roasted in small batches, then ground to perfection using ancient methods. This results in a premium product unlike any other.


Our Custom Coffee alternative Blends:

Date Mate can be enjoyed in it’s Pure form 100% roasted ground Date Seeds, or as one of our Custom Coffee Alternative Blends:


“Pure” is made of 100% Holy Land Date Seeds, sun dried, hand roasted and ground to perfection.


“First Date” is a blend of 90% Date Seeds and 10% Premium Arabica Coffee offers a mild and refreshing coffee flavor;


“Date Connoisseur” is a blend of 70% roasted ground Date Seeds and 30% premium Arabica Coffee which offers a rich robust coffee flavor.

Date Mate - Coffee Alternatives and Caffeine Substitutes
Date Mate - Healthy Coffee Alternatives
Date Mate - Coffee Alternatives
Date Mate - Date Seed Coffee

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More Than a Coffee Alternative

"Date Mate" is a Superfood Beverage that Offers Health Benefits!

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At Date Mate we produce beverages based on Date Palm Seeds.

For millennia this very date seed coffee nourished humanity living in one of the toughest most demanding environments on earth.

Date Mate a leading coffee substitute and an energy booster alternative to caffeine. It is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals.

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