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The Turkish Method of Brewing Coffee


If you have never experienced a Turkish Style Coffee before, you are probably missing a thing or two in life. This style of coffee is what influenced and brought Coffee into Europe and beyond.

There are two key points that define Turkish coffee, first is the grinding size and secondly is the preparation method.

Luckily Date Mate comes in a grinding size suitable to prepare Turkish Coffee.


Some Tips To Know Before You Begin:

You really want to know your brewing equipment inside out. You will need both a coffee pot usually called "cezve" / "ibrik" and your coffee cup. Measure how many cups fit inside your coffee pot.

And most importantly, if you let Turkish coffee boil you ruin it. The idea is to heat the content and remove without boiling the content.

The froth is essential in Turkish coffee. Boil it you and  you will lose it for ever.

     And lastly, make adjustments!

Date Mate will taste great and different using various preparation methods.

But it will taste best if you give it a few runs to create your own perfect cup.

Method of Preparation for Date Mate Coffee using the Turkish Coffee Brewing Methodology


1) Know Your Tools

Know how many cups you are preparing.


Is it two, three, four or ten?

If it is four cups you would like to prepare for fill four cups with water and pour them into the coffee pot.


The coffee pot should be able to contain at least one more cup before it reaches the top (five cups in this case).


2) Bring To Boil

If you drink your coffee with sugar this is the time you would  want to add the sugar. It will let it caramelize better.


But remember currently you only have the water and the sugar in the coffee pot!


At this stage you would only want to bring the water to just about boiling.


3) Add Date Mate to Your Coffee Pot

Once the water just about boiled remove from the heat source!

Add about 10g (two heaping teaspoons) of Date Mate per Cup (140 ml / 4.7 fl oz).


4) Let It Simmer - Do NOT boil

If you let Turkish coffee boil you ruin it.

The idea is to heat the coffee and remove without boiling it.

The froth is essential in Turkish coffee. Boil it you and  you will lose it forever.


Should You Stir It While Cooking?


Yes, but gently, just enough to infuse oxygen into the coffee. This will slow down the cooking, open up the aroma and allow more to be extracted.


Once the contents begin to boil again, remove it from the heat source. Your Turkish Date Seed Coffee is ready!


5) Serve, Enjoy and Always Experiment Again


When pouring out the date seed coffee from the coffee pot, you want to do it slowly. The movement should be from the side of the cup to the center,


Date Mate tastes fantastic with milk and sugar or their alternatives.


We encourage you to experiment with it to find the best method for you and your manual drip coffee maker.


And remember there’s no right or wrong here. It’s all about your personal preference.

“My wife gave me a cup of Date Mate  without telling me she had switched from our regular brand of coffee.  To be honest, I couldn’t taste the difference.  In fact, we enjoyed it so much we had to brew a second pot.  I think it will be easy to take a break from caffeine."

Janet .G

"I love to drink coffee but one cup leads to another and then another and then I find that I get anxious and irritable.  A good friend told me about Date Mate alternative coffee made from date seeds, and I decided to give it a try.  I am sure glad I did.  All of the taste and none of the side effects.  I am sleeping better too!"

Claire .K

“I have been drinking coffee for well over 40 years.  Since I take Thyroid, my doctor suggested I significantly decrease my caffeine intake. Since I didn’t want to miss out on my favorite morning routine, I made the switch to Date Mate, and I feel so much better. I have more energy and my concentration has improved! It looks, smells, tastes and brews just like regular coffee! I am telling everyone I know!  I am a customer for life! “

Mary .N


"I am so glad that you have made this healthy, delicious beverage easily available online! I have been looking for a coffee substitute other than decaf, which irritates my stomach due to the acid I tried the original Date Connoisseur, and I can drink as much as I like and it does not bother my tummy.  I can't wait to try the hazelnut Amazing Date!"

Susan K.

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At Date Mate we produce beverages based on Date Palm Seeds.

For millennia this very date seed coffee nourished humanity living in one of the toughest most demanding environments on earth.

Date Mate a leading coffee substitute and an energy booster alternative to caffeine. It is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals.

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