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You Ask - We Answer

  • "Hi, are you telling me this is a coffee alternative made from date seeds?"



    We have different coffee alternatives. First Date is made using 90% date palm seeds and 10% Premium organic Arabica coffee. It really tastes like a delicious coffee and is prepared just like coffee too.


    Moreover, it is probably an older beverage than coffee. In the desert conditions one of the very few plants that can survive is the date palm. For many years the desert people and occasional travelers were brewing this beverage helping them to survive through the toughest conditions on earth!

  • "I really like your coffee! Can I become a 'coffee angel representative' and sell your products to my friends and colleagues?"

    We believe you should get more out of dating. That’s why we make dating (AKA scheduling) a "Coffee Date" party so awesomely rewarding.


    If you would like to become a "Coffee Date" orginizer please contact us in the contact form and we will get back in touch with you.

  • "I was wondering how many cups of date seed coffee can I prepare from one bag (340g)?"

    If you are very generous to your guests .... and if you want to brew it the "original way" (letting the seeds settle in the drinker's cup) ..... you could brew between 34-68 cups.

    It really depends what brewing methods you are using, and how generous you would like to be. One teaspoon is about 5g two is 10g - we recommend using two teaspoons but it is really up to you.

  • "I am prone to Heartburn. Will Date Mate coffee alternative aggravate this condition?"


    Since Date Mate coffee alternative is naturally caffeine and acid free it will not aggravate your heartburn.. According to the Mayo Clinic- Coffee is not your friend if you are prone to heartburn.

    Coffee is highly acidic and is irritating to the gastrointestinal tract. Switching to decaf won't help: In fact some research has found that decaf increases stomach acid even more than caffeinated coffee. Neither will switching methods of brewing or roasting. Avoiding coffee is the only solution.

  • "I am pregnant and my doctor advised me to limit my caffeine intake. I drink coffee on a daily basis. Is Date Mate a safe alternative?"

    Are you craving food? It does not mean you are pregnant :-)

    But if you are expecting then ... "Congratulations!"


    Pregnancy is a time of various cravings and food indulgences. As an expectant mommy, you want to be sure that what you eat is indeed healthy for you and the baby. Best friends, friends, mother, mother in law, waiters and taxi drivers.... actually just about everyone is going to give you some sort of advice on how and what to do during this sensitive time, be it how to dress, how to breathe .... and perhaps the most important thing what to eat.


    Eating dates during pregnancy like almost everything these days has divided opinions. The best way to remove all your doubts and be absolutely safe about what you eat is to check with your (recommended) doctor.

    Dates are loaded with nutrients that can benefit both you and your baby.

    Dates are rich sources of proteins, fiber and many vitamins, while being very low in fat.

    They contain a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber and thus are helpful in maintaining your digestive system. Dates have a good amount of natural sugars.

    They are rich in potassium and low in sodium, and thus help regulate the nervous system.

  • "Does Date Mate coffee alternative really taste like traditional coffee?"

    You will have to be the ultimate judge, but from the overwhelming response we have received to Date Mate, most people can't taste much of a difference and actually prefer Date Mate because it delivers the same delicious taste but with none of the negatives regularly associated with traditional coffee.

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At Date Mate we produce beverages based on Date Palm Seeds.

For millennia this very date seed coffee nourished humanity living in one of the toughest most demanding environments on earth.

Date Mate a leading coffee substitute and an energy booster alternative to caffeine. It is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals.

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