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Date Mate - Coffee Substititues and Alternatives

70% Date Seeds & 30% Coffee

Gluten Free

Elevated Focus

Hand Crafted in Small Batches

Delicious Strong Coffee Taste

Best Dates in the World - From the Holy Land

Date connoisseur

Weight: 340g / 12oz

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Packed with Health Benefits

Enjoy the Benefits of Both Dates & Coffee


Rich and Robust, Date Connoisseur is a delicious blend of 70% Date Seeds and 30% Premium Arabica Coffee Beans roasted and ground to perfection.


For the coffee addicts who can't go without their regular coffee yet would like to reduce their caffeine intake, Date Connoisseur offers the perfect solution. It tastes like real coffee coffee but has 70% less caffeine and many more health benefits!


Every cup of "Date Mate" is a natural energy booster brimming with nutritious health benefits that are naturally released during brewing. Rich in minerals, protein, fibers and antioxidants,  it is a natural scavenger of free radicals!


This is not merely a healthy coffee alternative but a delicious beverage enjoyed for millennia.


Date Mate brews just like your regular coffee!

“My wife gave me a cup of Date Mate  without telling me she had switched from our regular brand of coffee.  To be honest, I couldn’t taste the difference.  In fact, we enjoyed it so much we had to brew a second pot.  I think it will be easy to take a break from caffeine.”


Justin .M


Date Mate Coffee Can Be Brewed

Just Like Coffee or Tea

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More Than a Coffee Alternative

"Date Mate" is a Superfood Beverage that Offers Health Benefits!

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At Date Mate we produce beverages based on Date Palm Seeds.

For millennia this very date seed coffee nourished humanity living in one of the toughest most demanding environments on earth.

Date Mate a leading coffee substitute and an energy booster alternative to caffeine. It is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals.

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Date connoisseur