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Brewing Date Seed Coffee

In an AeroPress


Invented by engineer Alan Adler, of Aerobie Frisbee fame, the AeroPress has, fittingly, inspired crazy ingenuity in a variety of brew methods such as the "Traditional" and the "Inverted" methods. The AeroPress shares some characteristics with a French press but it is the differences that make it stand out. Unlike the French press, AeroPress creates a vacuum and uses air pressure to force water through the grinds and extract more flavour.


Some Tips To Know Before You Begin:

We have used the "Inverted AeroPress Method" because it stops hot water leaking through the filter and into the mug before the date seed coffee has had time to brew! Feel free to use the "Tradtional Aeropress Method".


And lastly, make adjustments!

Date Mate will taste great and different in a variety of brewing methods.

But it will taste best if you give it a few runs to create your own perfect cup.

Inverted AeroPress Brewing Method for Date Mate's - Date Seed Coffee


1) Build The AeroPress Up

Push the plunger in about half an inch until you have a nice seal, but not too close to the edge or else you might get some leakage (note: the opening is up towards you).


2) Measure Out Your Grounds To Water

Use AeroPress spoon and add desired amount of coffee to AeroPress container.


1 AeroPress Scoop (17g or 2 ½ Tablespoons) of date seed coffee.


3) Pouring In The Water

Start your timer when you pour hot water (just off the boil or about 205°F) into your brewer.


Saturate all the grounds within 10 seconds.


Pour to the No. 4 or 220g of water if you’re using a scale. You can either use a spoon or simply spin the chamber, making sure all the coffee is saturated.


4) Place Filter and Wait

Moisten rubber top on AeroPress, attach the filter and ..... wait for four to five minutes.


5) Extract Using the AeroPress

Pressure plunge – gently push down on the plunger (takes around 15-30 seconds).


Do not press/plunge full distance – Stop when you hear a hissing sound.


6) Serve, Enjoy and Always Experiment Again



Date Mate tastes fantastic with milk and sugar or their alternatives.


We encourage you to experiment with it to find the best method for you and your manual drip coffee maker.


And remember there’s no right or wrong here. It’s all about your personal preference.

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“My wife gave me a cup of Date Mate  without telling me she had switched from our regular brand of coffee.  To be honest, I couldn’t taste the difference.  In fact, we enjoyed it so much we had to brew a second pot.  I think it will be easy to take a break from caffeine."

Janet .G

"I love to drink coffee but one cup leads to another and then another and then I find that I get anxious and irritable.  A good friend told me about Date Mate alternative coffee made from date seeds, and I decided to give it a try.  I am sure glad I did.  All of the taste and none of the side effects.  I am sleeping better too!"

Claire .K

“I have been drinking coffee for well over 40 years.  Since I take Thyroid, my doctor suggested I significantly decrease my caffeine intake. Since I didn’t want to miss out on my favorite morning routine, I made the switch to Date Mate, and I feel so much better. I have more energy and my concentration has improved! It looks, smells, tastes and brews just like regular coffee! I am telling everyone I know!  I am a customer for life! “

Mary .N


"I am so glad that you have made this healthy, delicious beverage easily available online! I have been looking for a coffee substitute other than decaf, which irritates my stomach due to the acid I tried the original Date Connoisseur, and I can drink as much as I like and it does not bother my tummy.  I can't wait to try the hazelnut Amazing Date!"

Susan K.

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At Date Mate we produce beverages based on Date Palm Seeds.

For millennia this very date seed coffee nourished humanity living in one of the toughest most demanding environments on earth.

Date Mate a leading coffee substitute and an energy booster alternative to caffeine. It is rich in anti-oxidants and minerals.

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